The Great Work


Adventure and platforms courtesy of Nifflas


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The Great Work is an adventure platformer developed by Nifflas, the indie developer famous for creating the similar Knytt Saga.

To begin, The Great Work's gameplay is almost identical to that of the Knytt saga, but adding multiple underwater levels that bring to mind another classic game, Aquaria. Basically, you spend most of your time jumping and running around different 2D settings while trying to dodge the enemies' attacks and solve some puzzles.

The game is also very similar to Knytt in terms of graphics, with a simple and spooky design that favors contrast and lack of color. The animations are very fluid and the details in some of the scenarios are gorgeous.

The Great Work is a very entertaining adventure platformer where players can discover a fascinating world and a story that, despite not being very long, will keep you entertained for a bit more than an hour.
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